Hotel NuVe Heritage

Walk downPurvis Street and you might miss us.

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City Hall
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Walk down Purvis Street and you might miss us. After all, our all-white 6-storey heritage shophouse sits quietly in a place packed with eateries and high-end furniture stores. But, we invite you to take a closer look and discover unmistakable hospitality in this 19-room boutique hotel in Singapore that we call home. We bring relaxation and rejuvenation to anyone who walks through our doors. It’s just in our genes. From our complimentary gourmet mini-bars, to our in-room coffee machine and massage showers… oh, you’ll be pampered to the nines. We do it with style, of course. Hotel NuVe Heritage is dressed in a stunning earth-toned interior which appreciates both Western elegance and spirited local charm. You’ll love the wide array of chandeliers; some are kooky interpretations of the themed rooms, while some channel the avant garde. Peranakan tiles and antique cafe chairs play off this contemporary touch, and works of local artist adorn the walls.
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